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Yaletown was formerly a warehouse district, but the area became trendy in the late 1980s, and the warehouses now serve as fashionable restaurants, boutiques, cafes, and apartments for the artsy types who make the area their home. There is a considerable amount of building going on, in fact the whole area seems to have been rebuilt already. Yaletown, although not large, is a pleasant area to stroll around on a sunny day.

Yaletown is not very large and is a pleasant area to walk around and get a sense for how urban residents of Vancouver are living. There are many restaurants, clubs, and shops that mainly cater to the local affluent residents.

Getting There

Yaletown is within walking distance of most downtown hotels, shops and attractions. It is also accessible via public transportation. There are several buses that pass through on a number of routes going into and out of downtown, or you can access via Skytrain at Stadium/Chinatown station.