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Gastown is a neighbourhood in Vancouver just to the northeast of downtown. It is considered to be the birthplace of the city due to its historical significance. It is a relatively small area to explore but one where many interesting sites can be spotted. Care should be taken to not wander too far away from the busy tourist streets as you will quickly find yourself out of Gastown and into Vancouver's Lower East Side near East Hastings where many drug addicts hang out and live on the streets.


Be sure to stop by the steamclock at the corner of Gastown St and Gastown Ave. If you are there at the right time (every 15 minutes), then you will be able to witness the steam power do its magic. You can't miss it as a large group collects around the clock on a busy day.


A great historical visit in Gastown is at the Storyeum exhibition. It costs $10 to enter the museum but you will be treated to a visual and theatrical treat as you explore the history of Vancouver through the naration of the stories.

Gassy Jack

Watch out for the statue of this famous Vancouverite at X corner. He was an original resident and founder of the Bar that bore his name. You also get a great view of the Flat Iron building across the street from Jack.

Getting There

Gastown is within walking distance of most downtown hotels, shops and attractions. If you are arriving on public transit, you will get out of your bus, skytrain or seabus at Waterfront Station. It's just a few minutes walk from the station.